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Still use Notepad? I bet I know why.

If you were to look at your most frequently used applications, I am betting you would find Notepad and Paint fairly high on your list. Why is that? Sometimes you just want a ‘dumb’ program to do a very specific task. The last thing you want is a grammar checker or a utility to ‘out-think’ […]

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Toad.Next – What Can We Expect and Hope Going Forward?

As we approach yet another release for Toad for Oracle, I thought it might be interesting to speculate what we might see going forward – whether that be in terms of months or years. Something I’ve always wondered is ‘just how long can this train keep running?’ It’s a personal and professional question for me, […]

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Can’t See the Trees for the Forest

Yes, I know – the phrase is actually supposed to be the opposite, “Can’t See the Forest for the Trees.” One of the reasons English is such a hard second language to pick up apparently is all the idioms and non-literal phrases we use. So in case you’ve never heard this phrase before, it basically […]

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Finding Tables Having Columns of Specific Datatypes

I frequently need to find a table in a particular SCHEMA, or even just anywhere in the database, that stores data of a specific datatype. This generally happens when a customer asks me, ‘Hey, does Toad support the ANYDATA|LONG RAW|CLOB|BLOB datatype?’ So I decide to find said table and just show them what the application […]

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I Hate it When Toad Gets in My Way!

This week was ‘visit customers and show off Toad’ week. I didn’t get a lot of questions, but one question did come up in almost every meeting – “How do we turn off that annoying popup thingy in the editor?!? I just want to type and Toad gets in my way!” The good news is […]

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Getting Your Execution Plan, The Hard Way

Most Oracle IDEs (integrated development environments) these days make it really easy to get your SQL statement’s Execution Plan. Of course you have your theoretical plan, and then the actual plan that the database engine employs. You look in different places for those plans, but the tool generally makes that process invisible to the user. […]

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Why Did You Steal/Hide My Favorite Button!?!

Sometimes we get bored and change stuff in Toad just to mess with people. I’m pretty sure there are people out there that really believe that. In our defense, I will say that we do change things pretty frequently, but it’s always in the pursuit of improving the user experience. However, sometimes there are unintended […]

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Manage All of Your Jobs Using Toad

I mentioned the other day what a pain it was to manage a database that had both DBMS_JOBS and DBMS_SCHEDULER being utilized to run jobs. One of my peeps, @Boneist reminded me it was even harder for her because Toad deemed it necessary to purchase an optional ‘DB Admin module’ to work with the DBMS_SCHEDULER […]

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Row, Row, RowID Your Record, Gently Update the Table

You may have heard the term ‘ROWID’ many times without really stopping to think about what purpose it serves. The end user – or even the application developer themselves – will rarely have a need to interface with a ROWID. Even so, ROWIDs do a lot of cool things. According to Oracle, ‘They are the […]

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Toad Trick: Filtering Schemas in Oracle

In five minutes see how you can save yourself a few seconds every time you want to switch from one schema to another in Toad. You can read more about filtering in Toad in my blog post from several years ago – Finessing Filters and Other Fun Features. More Toad Videos Liked this but looking […]

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Toad 11 Sneak Peek Part Deux

I had some time to beta test this morning, and I thought I would share some of the new tweeks and features that will be available in version 11.0 of Toad for Oracle. I spent some time previously showing off a new feature for you PL/SQL geeks out there, Code Analysis. If you are a […]

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Oracle Quick Hit: You Can Bypass TNSNames

Ever spin up a database for some quick and dirty work, and you JUST WANT TO CONNECT (!!) without going through the whole ‘add the service to your local TNSNames.ORA’ rigmarole (Oracle Net Configuration Assistant)? Oracle’s Net Configuration Assistant was one of the first JAVA powered GUIs I had run into as an Oracle user. […]

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Toad for Oracle v11 Sneak Peek: PL/SQL Grammar Checking

Are you a PL/SQL developer? Do you think your IDE should promote better coding practices, and guide you to build more robust and reliable programs? If so, then Toad v11 might be just the IDE you are looking for. Toad version 11 introduces a new feature in the Professional and higher editions – Code Analysis. […]

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Toad is now Frog

Quest’s most iconic product line, Toad, is being re-branded as Frog. For years we have lived the lie that this cute little guy was a Toad: He’s cuter, and easier to draw. We have to date, logged over 13,000 bugs with our Support department from biologists and amphibian/reptile experts that we do not have a […]

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