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Toad 11 Sneak Peek Part Deux

I had some time to beta test this morning, and I thought I would share some of the new tweeks and features that will be available in version 11.0 of Toad for Oracle. I spent some time previously showing off a new feature for you PL/SQL geeks out there, Code Analysis. If you are a […]

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Stump the Toad Chump!

Ask questions, get answers – and a Toadie! He wants questions. You want answers (and a Toad). So, ask away – stump the Toad chump! We’re looking for challenging questions dealing with Oracle Database and Toad, for example: Can Toad do that? I had this problem once where… I hate it when… The Rules! If […]

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Oracle Quick Hit: You Can Bypass TNSNames

Ever spin up a database for some quick and dirty work, and you JUST WANT TO CONNECT (!!) without going through the whole ‘add the service to your local TNSNames.ORA’ rigmarole (Oracle Net Configuration Assistant)? Oracle’s Net Configuration Assistant was one of the first JAVA powered GUIs I had run into as an Oracle user. […]

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Toad Jobs

A lot of good news this week about jobs here in the United States and a bunch of new hires for the month of April has many people feeling much better about the US economy. After being hammered with depressing reports for the past two years, it’s very nice to see the pendulum swing in […]

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Toad for Oracle v11 Sneak Peek: PL/SQL Grammar Checking

Are you a PL/SQL developer? Do you think your IDE should promote better coding practices, and guide you to build more robust and reliable programs? If so, then Toad v11 might be just the IDE you are looking for. Toad version 11 introduces a new feature in the Professional and higher editions – Code Analysis. […]

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Toad is now Frog

Quest’s most iconic product line, Toad, is being re-branded as Frog. For years we have lived the lie that this cute little guy was a Toad: He’s cuter, and easier to draw. We have to date, logged over 13,000 bugs with our Support department from biologists and amphibian/reptile experts that we do not have a […]

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Building your WHERE IN () Lists

Have you ever needed to write a query and filter your results with a WHERE EXISTS or a WHERE IN list of values? Your list will be comma delimited, and you’ll need to quote the strings appropriately. Not so bad if you have a few values, but what if you have 42 or 420 or […]

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Kscope11 Database Development Symposium

The Oracle Development Tools User Group’s (ODTUG) annual convention in Long Beach, CA kicks off on a Sunday with several Symposiums. There will be one dedicated to tools (link), and I’ve been asked to present Toad and how it helps with instrumenting your PL/SQL code. – ODTUG KScope11 June 26-30 (Details) – One of the […]

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More PL/SQL Fun in Toad version 11

You have some SQL in your PL/SQL program, and you need to execute it to see if it’s doing what you want. Today that means you need to extract the inputs, replace with binds, and remove the INTO syntax. What if Toad had a ‘magic button’ to do this work for you? In version 11, […]

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Toad Tricks for PL/SQL Professionals

My first experiment with SlideShare! Interested in a free training session for Toad for Oracle? In about 60 minutes I can go over most of the features Toad has to offer for someone who works with PL/SQL. Take a look at the below presentation, and if you are interested, let me know. I can schedule […]

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Format Files w/Toad via Command-Line

Your Problem: You receive code from developers who do not have access to Toad, or choose not to take advantage of Toad’s SQL & PL/SQL Formatter. Before checking their code into your source control repository, you need to format them so they meet your standards. The Solution: Toad for Oracle’s Automation Designer. Toad’s Automation Designer […]

Capture and Replay Oracle Activity

Sound familiar? Perhaps you have heard of Oracle’s Real Application Testing (RAT) (docs)? An excellent feature, although you will pay for it. If you need a cheaper alternative, then Quest Software might have what you are looking for in Benchmark Factory for Databases (product details). New for v6.5, Benchmark Factory (BMF), now assists you in […]

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Toad for SQL Server v5.5

Toad is an Integrated Development Environment for SQL Server, also known as an IDE (wiki). Never heard of Toad before? Toad is famous in the Oracle world, but it probably more like the best-kept-secret in the SQL domain. Most folks find it because they are looking for ‘Toad’ that will help them with SQL Server. […]

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