Still use Notepad? I bet I know why.


Let me turn everything off with a single click!

If you were to look at your most frequently used applications, I am betting you would find Notepad and Paint fairly high on your list.

Why is that?

Sometimes you just want a ‘dumb’ program to do a very specific task. The last thing you want is a grammar checker or a utility to ‘out-think’ you when you’re trying to write up something very basic. This goes double when you need to write a simple program or SQL statement.

I can fire up Notepad and use it within seconds. It doesn’t do anything fancy though – and that’s exactly WHY I use it!

Most database IDEs come chock-full with little helpers:

  • syntax checking and highlighting
  • type-ahead technology, the tool guesses what you want to type next
  • formatting, either on-demand or automatic

Some database tools go WAY above that list, but almost all of them do at least those 3 things. So what’s the problem? For starters if you are on a large database (thousands of objects) or in a large file (20,000+ lines anyone?), those little helpers get ‘expensive.’ Client and server side processing take what should be a 2 second operation to a 2 minute one. This drives me nuts.

So what do I do?

I hit up Notepad and do my typing there, and then copy and paste it into ___________.

I’m selfish, and I want my cake and to eat it too.

Turn it off, turn it ALL off!

So I’m proposing the following change for Toad – give me a ‘dummy toggle.’ Give me a big fat button that says ‘Simple Mode’ on it. When I click it, the editor does nothing but the basics. Typing, search and replace, copy & paste.

Then when I’m ready to execute my code, the applicatoin can do all of it’s fancy stuff with the results and output. When I’m ready to do my regular coding and I want that help, I can toggle back to ‘normal’ mode. All right there in the main screen with no multiple clicks to options dialogs to maneuver and decipher.

Are you with me? Then Vote!

Actually if you hate my idea, then go ahead and vote too. We have an ‘Idea Pond’ that lets folks share their ideas. The popular ones get voted up and eventually implemented by the product teams. Here’s my idea.

You can login with Twitter, Facebook, or several other platform accounts. So hopefully most of you won’t need to sign up or register for anything. And while you’re there, check out what others are asking for. I bet they want the same things you do!

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