Why Did You Steal/Hide My Favorite Button!?!


Sometimes we get bored and change stuff in Toad just to mess with people.

I’m pretty sure there are people out there that really believe that. In our defense, I will say that we do change things pretty frequently, but it’s always in the pursuit of improving the user experience. However, sometimes there are unintended consequences and collateral damage.

So, when we do change something, we end up pleasing about 40% of the users, upsetting about 30% of the users, and the other 30% don’t even notice. By the way, I completely made up those numbers, but I would argue my made up numbers are more accurate than yours.

One of the more core components of the product is the Data Grid. This is the mechanism used to deliver and display the data from your queries and the contents of your Tables, Views, and Materialized Views. If we change something here, EVERYONE will notice.

Here is how the data grid in Toad looked several years ago

Things Change, Sorry! We Moved the SaveAs and Single Record View Buttons

When Toadies upgrade their Toad to v10 or higher, one of the first things they notice is that a few of their buttons have disappeared or moved!

Where is my SaveAs Button?

In v10.0 the SaveAs button was completely removed from the data grid toolbar. The thinking was, let’s address the user users’ complaints about the UI being too cluttered. You could still export your data to Excel, but you needed to mouse-right-click on the data grid to get to the feature.

After a few thousand people complained, we got the idea to put it back. So in v10.5 and higher you’ll see it here.

Also, @boneist reminded me if you are looking for this feature on the right-click-mouse popup menu, it’s been relabeled to ‘Export Dataset.’ We thought that was more technically accurate and descriptive than ‘SaveAs.’ So the new people might find it easier, and the experienced Toadies will need to retrain their brain a few cells or so.

If You Don't See This Button, You Need to Upgrade

Where is my Single Record View Button?

Wait, what is the Single Record View Button? This view allows you work with your records one record at a time – kind of like an index card view versus a spreadsheet view. There was a button in older Toads that you could click to go straight to this view. It was in the top left hand corner of each data grid.

In Toad 10 and higher, this button was replaced by a control that allows you to select the columns you want to display in your grid. The single record view button was moved to the BOTTOM of the data grid.

Looking for the Single Record View? Look DOWN THERE

If you are looking down at the bottom of your data grid and you don’t see the toolbar with the Single Record View button displayed, you may need to activate the Grid Navigator. Right-mouse-click in the data grid, select ‘Appearance’, then click on ‘Toggle Navigator.’

Click on this if you don't see your Single Record View button in the v10 data grids

Take the Good with the Bad

While you are nursing your wounds, you can at least take advantage of all the new features that came with the data grid upgrade. Key features would be the visual settings (ability to set visual style with alternating color backgrounds) and the ability to group by values.

When we make the product better, we hope to take 2 steps forward. Sometimes we also take a step back. But, the users keep us in check and push us to get back that lost ground. If you are ‘missing’ something after you upgrade, be sure to read the release notes. If that doesn’t help, don’t forget to contact Quest Support. Or you can just come to me on Twitter :)

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