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I mentioned the other day what a pain it was to manage a database that had both DBMS_JOBS and DBMS_SCHEDULER being utilized to run jobs. One of my peeps, @Boneist reminded me it was even harder for her because Toad deemed it necessary to purchase an optional ‘DB Admin module’ to work with the DBMS_SCHEDULER interface.

The argument is simple – you don’t have to be a DBA to spend much time managing jobs. Developers often create the jobs in the first place.

So, for version 11 of Toad – all commercial users will have access to both in the Schema Browser.

Read More About Toad v11 Here

Schema Browser Object Support Moved to Base-Standard Edition

  • Directories
  • Profiles
  • Resource Consumer Groups
  • Resource Plans
  • Roles
  • Rollback Segments
  • DBMS_Scheduler Objects
  • System Privileges
  • Tablespaces

Looking at Scheduler Jobs

Toad Quick Tip: Set the Jobs filter to show jobs for ‘All Schemas’ – this will allow you to see all of the DBMS_SCHEDULER jobs in the database, regardless of what Schema you have selected in the browser.

See and Manage All Jobs in the Database

While most people will cite the flexibility of DBMS_SCHEDULER over DBMS_JOBS as their favorite feature – my personal favorite is the run log! See every iteration of your job, when it started, how long it took, the PID, and how much CPU time was used.

Toad 11 has added an additional page that will also project when the job will run going forward.

See when your job has ran and when it will run again!

Everything You Need To Manage DBMS_SCHEDULER
You can create and manage your schedules, programs, jobs, windows, and window groups.

Enjoy and happy Toading!

Oh, and if you’re curious, Toad v11 should be out mid-September’ish. Things change of course, so please keep that in mind when reading this and anything else I’ve previously covered in my preview series on Toad v11.

Disclaimer: I hate disclaimers!

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