Kscope11 Database Development Symposium


The Oracle Development Tools User Group’s (ODTUG) annual convention in Long Beach, CA kicks off on a Sunday with several Symposiums. There will be one dedicated to tools (link), and I’ve been asked to present Toad and how it helps with instrumenting your PL/SQL code.

– ODTUG KScope11 June 26-30 (Details) –

One of the organizer’s chastised me for using Twitter hashtags in my session description – he’s probably got a good point there, but I think in hashtags now), so I’ve decided to put a quick round-up here:

Toad for Oracle’s support for instrumenting your PL/SQL

* Get run-time breakdowns by the line or unit with DBMS_PROFILER or with 11g’s new PL/SQL Hierarchical Profiler (docs)

In-Line Metrics for the Developer

Pretty Pictures for the Managers

* Auto-Trace vs Full Trace (TkProf or Toad Analysis of Trace Files)

Roll Up of all Queries by Total Execution Time

* Automated DBMS_OUTPUT for ‘Dirty’ Debugging

* Automated PL/SQL Analysis|Metrics|Code Reviews via rules provided by Steven Feuerstein (bio)

I’ve got 20 minutes to blow your mind, I think I can do it in the first two!

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