My Toad Bible


Ok, I admit, I threw that title up because I wanted to draw attention to my site, guilty-as-charged. However, this is pretty close to being my ‘Toad Bible‘, i.e. my authoritative take on Toad. I reckon it’s my job to educate the market on all things Toad, so that’s where the authoritative piece comes in. I will leave that to my readers and followers to determine if that is true.

Maybe I should call it my Ph.D. dissertation instead?

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Toad for Oracle Tips & Tricks Book by Jeff Smith

Anyways, I have just released a revamped and updated version of my Tips and Tricks Guide for Toad for Oracle. My standard presentation for Toad ranges from 45 to 120 minutes. I go at a breakneck pace, and it is hard for folks to take notes. This document serves as a Cliff’s Notes version of my presentation. I want people to sit back and relax while I show off Toad. I hope each person finds at least 1-2 things that will greatly impact their productivity using the tool. Afterwards, if they need a refresher or want to investigate something else they missed, they can refer to the PDF.

Do you write all this documentation? that’s harder work than coding the app, couldn’t do it myself.
Yes I do, and thanks for the compliment bigjim. However, I find that elegant coding was a nightmare for me, but writing documentation was something I felt much more comfortable with. I can count on one hand the number of software programs I have written in the last 15 years. Seriously. But I have probably written close to 200 different types of documents, presentations, etc. that cover Toad in some manner in that same time frame.

Target Audience: Someone who has just seen a tips and tricks presentation, and wants the reader’s digest version to review. Or, someone brand new to Toad who needs an overview of the critical features.


  • The previous format was hard to read and follow. That’s out the window, this should be MUCH better
  • Updated to cover v11, although this is appropriate for any user on any version of Toad for Oracle
  • Added a TOC for easier navigation
  • Sharper and smaller .PNG graphics
  • Added Toad Power Tips for even MORE productivity
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