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This feature has been around for awhile in the Toad product family (SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, and Data Analysts), however it was upgraded for Toad for SQL Server, version 5.0.

Here’s a quick run-down:

Open the Editor
Load up your T-SQL and get ready to have fun. You will need to activate the ‘Group Execute’ panel by mouse-right-clicking in the editor and toggling ‘on’ the ‘Show Group Execute’ item at the bottom of the popup list. Then you can click ‘Enable’ in the Group Execute panel and select which servers you want your script executed against.

Select Your Servers (and Optionally Databases)

Database Level Granularity
You can now optionally define at the database level for each server where you want your scripts executed.

Run the script.
You get a ‘nanny’ warning. I advise you do NOT click the ‘hide’ disclaimer on this popup. At some point you will get distracted and try to truncate logs or drop a table somewhere and accidentally do it against multiple sources.

Insurance Worth Keeping

Review the Results
The results panel will show one line per server/database. Selecting a line brings up the data grid hosting the results for that selected server/database.

Merge the Results Into a Single Grid or Report

See All the Results Merged Together in a Single Set

The data grids are extremely configurable. Once you have all the data in a single set, you can choose to group by server or database, hide fields, add aggregate functions like Sum or Average, and of course export to the format you need (like MS Access MDB for @BrentO!)

For your MCM certified Access Pals!

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