SQL Server vs Oracle Via Toad

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This is not a volley in the RDMBS wars. This is a quick cheat sheet for getting started using Toad for SQL Server if you are already used to using Toad for Oracle.

Pages not Windows
Toad for Oracle is a classic Windows application that utilizes a classic MDI presentation. Toad for SQL Server uses ‘Document Tabs’ for each ‘Window’ you have open in the application.

Toad for SQL Server's Document Interface

Toad for SQL Server

Toad for Oracle

Object Explorer vs Schema Browser
Of course a ‘Schema’ in SQL Server is different than a ‘Schema’ in Oracle, so having a ‘Schema Browser’ in Toad for SQL Server would only help to add a bit of confusion. Instead, Toad for SQL Server has an Object Explorer.

Object ExplorerYou can configure the Object Explorer to behave just as the Schema Browser in terms of navigation. For example you can set it up to use the classic ‘Tabbed Multiline’ interface, or use the newer ‘Flat Tree’ view. You have a drop-down control to select your database much like you select your ‘Schema’ in Toad for Oracle.

You can double-click on an object and it will bring up the ‘Viewer’ which displays the details for said object. Think of this as the right-hand-side equivalent of Toad for Oracle’s Schema Browser.

No Session Browser or ‘Kill Trace’
The same functionality exists in Toad for SQL Server, but instead of opening a separate browser for sessions and locks, the same information is displayed in the Object Explorer.
Browse Sessions or Locks and Kill Stuff!

Make Toad for SQL Server a Bit More Like Toad for Oracle
The first time you open Toad for SQL Server it offers to step you through a quick configuration wizard. This allows you to make the product behave a bit more like Toad for Oracle out-of-the-box. You can always re-open this wizard on demand.

Of course if you have any specific questions on features you enjoy in Toad for Oracle that you are having problems with in Toad for SQL Server, then drop me a line @hillbillyToad on Twitter or feel free to leave a comment here.

PS How Do I create Insert Scripts

In Toad for SQL Server, when you are exporting data from a grid, choose the ‘SQL Script’ option, that is the equivalent to the ‘Insert Statement’ exports in Toad for Oracle.

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