Sneak Peek at Toad for Oracle v10.6


I really should be more honest. In this case I’m referring to the title of this blog. ‘Sneak Peek’ infers I’m being naughty and showing you something that is secret or not available to the masses. The real story here is that any licensed user of Toad current on maintenance is able to participate in Toad’s Beta Program which runs 24x7x12.

Version 10.6 is tentatively scheduled to be released this Fall. In the mean-time, you can live vicariously via my blog posts if you do not have the time and energy to participate in the Beta Program.

In this webisode, I want to highlight one of my all-time favorite Toad features, the Project Manager (PM). If you have not had the chance to see what this puppy can do, check out one of my really early blogs where I describe what the PM does and how to really change the way you use Toad, then come back here!

If you do not use the Project Manager, continue reading to get a glimpse of Toad’s split screen editor support!

In v10.6, you can now control your Toad Actions via the Project Manager. Ok, if you are not familiar with Toad ‘Actions’, then think of them as macros. An action is simply a Toad task you have saved so it can be replayed ad-hoc or scheduled to run when you want it to. Here’s a quick run-down on Actions and the Automation Manager.

So, imagine now that you can organize your frequent Toad tasks, and execute them on demand via the Project Manager.

Toad's Project Manager

Harness all of Toad's power in a single window!

Those Schema Compares you need to run every time DEV updates your test environment? Those Excel Reports you need to generate and email every time Bob down in Accounting shows up at your cubicle?

Available done in 2-clicks. It does not get any better than that folks!

Updated: Friday, July 16, 2010

Split Editor Support
Do your scripts or PL/SQL programs run a little long in the tooth? Having trouble keeping things straight in your head while doing your development work? Well now in v10.6 it will be possible to actively develop in two different sections of your program at once!

You Can Now Split the Editor Vertically or Horizontally

To invoke the ‘split’, just mouse-right-click in your editor and choose “Split Editor Mode – ‘Vertically | Horizontally.”

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