Introducing Toad for SQL Server Pt II


That’s right folks! Toad for SQL Server has been recognized AGAIN as the best development tool for SQL Server. In a previous post I talked about Toad’s IntelliSense and Group Execute features.

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  • Let’s continue the conversation now with a quick introduction on our SQL Tuning feature.

    SQL Optimization
    SQL tuning, SQL optimization, SQL plan evaluation, SQL-go-faster: pick your poison, we just want to make your T-SQL more efficient and improve it’s performance profile.

    Toad makes this task much more enjoyable. You can concentrate on getting your query ‘right’ in terms of it returning the correct data. Toad then destructs the query and re-builds it using different syntax methods to find the optimal plan.

    Toad then gives you the option of testing one or more of these alternatives so you can choose the one best fit for your application.

    While in Toad, you can just hit the ‘Optimize the Current Statement’ button, and this will launch you into the Optimizer window.

    Help is Just a Click Away!

    Tuning Step 1: Evaluate the current Plan and Stats

    Tuning Step 2: Generate Alternatives

    Tuning Step 3: Execute Selected Alternatives

    Tuning Step 4: Evaluate Runtime Stats

    Tuning Step 5 (Optional): Suggest and Test Indexes

    Scale Test Your Alternatives
    With another click, you can also put your queries under load to see which one passes muster. For example, your query might run fine for a single user, but start to break down once you have 10 concurrent sessions running it continuously over a period of time.

    Coming Soon: Toad’s Compare and Synch Feature

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